Log Cabin Improv Workshop – at last!

Fresh Salsa, my improv log cabin quilt hanging in The Hive gallery on Gabriola Island

Come to Denman Island! Take part in this Improv Log Cabin Quilt workshop, Totally Modernized and waiting for your interpretation. 

Please excuse the time lapse between posts. I’ve been busy doing other things, but here I am on the other side of some transformative stuff, popping back into blogland just in time to tell y’all that I am teaching again. I’ll be on Denman Island at the Creative Threads Conspiracy, which is right where we left off in the last post. Funny how life is. I’m excited to get back to the island, looking forward to connecting with old friends and meeting new ones and gosh… I am looking forward to the great food and fresh fresh vegetables. I sure miss the farm life! 

Two Day Class, Oct 20 and 21, 2017

This time, in a two day class, we’ll be working on a Totally Modernized and Improvisational Log Cabin quilt. I love the traditional log cabin block as a starting point for amazing interpretation and improvisation. I mostly use and recommend using solid coloured fabrics, as this is a class concentrating on design. Colour is one (big) element of design, and it’s much easier to see the relationships of one colour to the next, and one shape to the next, and one line to the next, without the influence of fabrics printed with their own designs and textures. 

Decisions on  how to improvise on the log cabin block, or the elements of the log cabin block (square & rectangle) are as individual as each person in the class. I love teaching because each person in the class interprets the simple exercises in their own way. They use their own voice, cutting and sewing fabrics together with their own unique signature, and I learn so much! I see things I never would have thought of. I see colour combinations beyond my wildest dreams! I see works of art come into the world at the hands of skilled sewists, and from the machines of absolute beginners.

!I see all this and still, when I get back to my studio my work is uniquely mine, made with my signature cutting style but deepened by what I’ve witnessed in class. Working in a group is very satisfying. We learn so much from each other. We pick up ideas from watching our neighbours’ design walls fill up. We influence each other, we are helped and supported by the people in class with us. It’s one of my favourite times, being in a classroom full of creative fabric snippers and stitchers watching design walls fill up with ideas. Having two full days for the project is great too. By the end of day two each quilt should be all put together.  I’ll show demos on different edge finishes, show ideas for quilting and we can talk about ways to sign your artwork. 



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