Workshops Fall 2015

I’m teaching!
Improvisational quilt making workshop on Denman Island and in North Vancouver;
Shrinky, Stretchy, Pliable Patchwork

Improv quilt making for all levels, & how to put different sized bits and pieces together.
The photos below are all images of log cabin patchwork. Pick a simple block and shrink, stretch and experiment with it!

Lots of talk about colour and design will happen naturally throughout the day.
Any level of sewist welcome, all that’s required is a sewing machine and a good level of curiosity… and some fabric, of course.

For more information and to register:

Denman Island:  Creative Threads Conspiracy October 24
North Vancouver: Lions Gate Quilters Guild, November 14

email  Jane will be happy to take your registration!

DSC_0579 Black and Tan IMG_1249

improv log cabin variations

improv log cabin variations

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