Yo! Fresh start, fresh new year.

I’ve got this new website, which I have been turning my eyeballs square to get it up and presentable, and this new website has a bloggy page, which is where I’ll be doing my blogging from now on.  There is so much to say in this new post in this new place – first off, its 2015! And for that I am happy. I love to start something new, and so far every single year I’ve started since I was born I have managed to finish. Thats more than I can say for my quilt projects. I have a few to finish…

Colorful Mittens for large hands

Colorful Mittens for large hands

I haven’t made any new spoons or quilts yet this year, but I have made four mittens. I decided to use some of the yarn that was in this HUGE BAG of yarn that my mom passed on to me to disperse to knitters and knotters who like scraps of wool. I made one mitten, with much help from Kerri, who is a knitting amazement, and then I made a second mitten, but it was a different size, so I made two more mittens using the previously created hand warmers as my models. Pretty good idea, as I managed to get two roughly similar sized pairs of mittens that I could give away (because neither set fit my hands very well). I ran out of the pretty yarn so I couldn’t make any more, but now I have made four mittens, whereas before I had never made any mittens!

I have had a cold/cough/ickfest that has held on since the 12th of December of last year, which is a good enough excuse for me to have made nothing but four mittens so far this year. I am almost all better, I have energy again and I rarely cough anymore, so these next few weeks should be very productive (and I’m not talking mucous – I am so over that). I will set up my new torch so I can learn and practice soldering interspersed with the riveting task of riveting which is how I have made my spoons so far. I have a date set for a show in March, so a deadline to keep me on track, and I have a quilt that needs to be quilted by April, as well as another that JUST NEEDS TO GET DONE, because it has languished for too long on the sewing table.

The one on the bottom of the pile - that is the quilt that needs to get finished.

The one on the bottom of the pile – that is the quilt that needs to get finished.

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  1. Maria Shell

    Love the new website and blog! And the mittens are pretty groovy too. I have taken up knitting and I am almost finished with the back of one sweater! It is a serious time commitment.


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